Open-plan designs in offices are as popular as ever. And rightly so. They not only embody new ideals of equality and transparency, but also aim to stimulate active cooperation between people. This makes sense. Because the work you do has an increasingly digital orientation and is no longer bound to fixed workplaces.

In a modern, open-plan workspace, privacy and noise can be a problem. Award-winning privacy solutions and acoustic panels from Cascando can help.

Acoustic interior panels and mobile room dividers dampen ambient noise, offer more privacy and make work areas more flexible, changing office dynamics. Cascando has an number of multifunctional privacy products that effectively support you in your design efforts. Because attention to personal workspaces and acoustics make working more pleasant, for everyone.

Patio, the Pillow family, Round20 collection and Trunk series are high-touch privacy & acoustic solutions that soundproof floors, tables, walls and ceilings and personalise shared space. Real, tangible progress. Often modular, usually mobile and always elegant.