With its clean lines and subtle details, the Mare sofa from Artifort is timeless. Typical of René Holten’s designs is the slit in the centre of the seat and the slender base, which runs from back to front. This gives the sofa a spacious and elegant appearance, particularly in an open space.

Thanks to its wide range of versatile elements, the Mare is a much loved sofa. Opt for a compact, straight sofa or a large lounge ensemble ideally suited to both modern and classic interiors. However, the underlying goal of each Mare remains the same: to provide the ultimate in comfort.

The options available mean that you can create a Mare ensemble to meet a variety of needs. The elements include a lounge section, corner elements and a large foot stool. All configurations can be upholstered in leather or fabric in a wide variety of colours, so you can create a sofa that perfectly suits your interior and reflects your personal style.

Mare sofa brochure 2021