See CS rugs in the Brunner showroom

Some stunning rugs from CSrugs are now on show in the Brunner showroom, London

See CS rugs in the Brunner showroom2023-05-02T14:07:43+00:00

Inspiration from CSrugs

Our partners at CSrugs have featured some of their favourite projects on their new website

Inspiration from CSrugs2022-07-22T10:31:08+00:00

Go configure with CSrugs!

We are pleased to announce that CSrugs have added collections Byzance, Pixelated and Surfaces 3D to their fabulous configurator

Go configure with CSrugs!2022-06-17T11:14:45+00:00, updated!

Our friends at CS Rugs have been very busy, working on a new and improved website, updated!2022-04-08T08:50:16+00:00

See the possibilities with CS Rugs

Recently we were very proud to work with Fathom Architects and Wellworking, to deliver some stunning bespoke rugs

See the possibilities with CS Rugs2022-02-02T10:07:12+00:00

Enter your favourite destination!

We've just spent an enjoyable time playing with the new Cosmopolitan rug configurator from CS Rugs

Enter your favourite destination!2022-01-05T11:30:52+00:00

How Cosmopolitan!

The Cosmopolitan rug collection from CS Rugs consists of a series of 21 different city maps

How Cosmopolitan!2021-06-01T11:49:48+00:00

New year, new name!

Carpet Sign becomes CSrugs!

New year, new name!2020-01-09T10:47:39+00:00

A beautiful home, enhanced by Carpet Sign

Thank you to Jacqui from Mia Karlsson for sharing these photos of their client's beautiful home with us

A beautiful home, enhanced by Carpet Sign2019-10-14T08:54:37+00:00

A bit of TLC for your rug!

Once you've bought your stunning new, made to measure, bespoke rug you will want to look after it...

A bit of TLC for your rug!2019-01-17T12:32:06+00:00


We are very excited that Carpet Sign will be exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week this year


Any shape, any size, any colour!

At Crest we can achieve any shape, any size and any colour rug!

Any shape, any size, any colour!2018-05-10T09:30:43+00:00

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