“Leafy crowns, beautiful products and delightful company.

The Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend was a few weekends ago now and I think we have all just about recovered. It was a busy but extremely enjoyable few days for the Crest ladies!

Spotting a few familiar faces in the airport and the trip was off to a great start, fuelling up on coffee before we got underway. We landed down in Stockholm and headed straight to the magnificent hotel where we were spoilt with a buffet dinner and wine.

On day 2 we were all off to an early start and the groups of architects made their way around the six showrooms in groups. Crest were based in the Lammhults showroom accompanied by our Swedish colleagues and the designer of the Attach table Troels Grum-Schwensen, spending the day demonstrating the lovely products Lammhults have to offer!

Entering the evening we had time for a quick power nap and then it was time to head out for the evening. A boat met us outside the hotel and upon boarding we were greeted by the crew in traditional Swedish attire and were each given a leaf crown to wear. After a relaxing journey, taking in the scenery and partaking in a few wines, we arrived at a private island. We were lead off the boat to a small band playing music and everyone gathered for some traditional Swedish dancing. Holding hands, kicking our feet and trying to sing along in Swedish – I imagine it wasn’t a pretty sight but it was a good giggle!

The Saturday morning was spent walking around the sunny Millesgarden followed by a lovely lunch of traditional meatballs.

Thank you to the 23 English designers who joined us on this thoroughly enjoyable SMDW trip and a particular thank you to Lammhults for their contribution!

See you next year!”

Grace and Harriet

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