We’re big fans of the whole Lammhults portfolio here at Crest, and thought we’d introduce you to some of their bestsellers… Archal, Attach table, Add Cable Table and Quickly!


Archal brings a new level of form and style innovation to the Lammhults seating collection. Using a frame of cast aluminium, Archal goes beyond the limitations of bent steel tubing, with the sculptural form of solid cast aluminium. Produced locally, the Archal frame is made using 99,9% recycled material, the equivalent of approximately 360 aluminium soft cans.


Attach is a table system offering almost limitless possibilities in terms of size, shape and design. The Attach table series brings the simplified principles of basic physics to the function of table construction. Extruded anodized recycled aluminium beams and structural recycled aluminium legs are linked under the table and secured by gravity. Technology marries art in the construction of this impressive table series. Lammhults use a few simple basic elements, combined with a wide selection of table top materials and a choice of colours for the legs, to offer a mass-produced yet unique table that can be freely adapted to the specific room and environment.

Add Cable Table

Add Cable Table is designed to never let multiport charging be more than an arm’s length away. Equipped with power outlets and Power USB it allows you to power up your laptop, phone or tablet. Gather several tables to create a spontaneous meeting, perfect for the activity-based environment.


The Quickly table is a model of efficiency, with compact folding construction using a quick-lock mechanism for simplicity, safety and stability. It’s easy to handle, fold and unfold, for one person, using the unique patented leg locking mechanism.


Find out more about the work Lammhults is doing with regard to sustainability and playing their part in looking after the environment.