Recently we were very proud to work with Fathom Architects and Wellworking, to deliver some stunning bespoke rugs for one of their projects.

Fathom Architects was tasked with creating an attractive workspace for The Crown Estate at Babmaes Street.

Babmaes has been designed with the wellbeing of its members in mind, with public and private rooms with access to natural light, plants and fresh air, as well complementary wellbeing activities such as yoga, meditation, pop up events and TED style talks. The 1970’s building has been sustainably adapted to extend its life, and has been designed in line with BREEAM and WELL principles.

Inspiration was taken from the heritage of St James’s as well as art and furniture from the 1970’s, with commissioned rugs, paintings and murals drawing on geometric shapes and bold colours. All rugs are bespoke, designed by the designer and created by our partners at CS Rugs.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about the possibilities – CS Rugs can be any size, any shape, any colour, any design!