There are no rules on how to stack your books! A shelving system unlike any other; modular, expandable and uneven. Have fun, break with traditional design and abandon straight lines. Arrange your books whichever way you want. Manufactured in sheet metal, in a choice of colours. Designer: Drop Innovation
    Manufacturer: Made Design
  • Bamboo acoustic wall panel Bamboo acoustic wall panel
    The beauty of silence Acoustic panel for sound absorption inspired by bamboo cane. Manufactured in high density felt fixed to the wall using separate panels to design whatever combination you desire. Ideal for spaces with crowds, hotels, offices or contract areas. Click here for more information. Design by: Stone Designs
    Manufacturer: Made Design
  • BIEL

    This bin rocks Small, beautiful and funky. This is a wonderful wastepaper bin. Its spherical base allows the bin to spin around and rock side to side. Waste bin made from injection molded polypropylene. Contains inner iron disc sheet metal 5mm weighing 400 grams to add stability to the base of the bin. Bin made from injection texturized polypropylene in different colours. Base made from PP injection always in black. Design by: Ximo Roca Diseño Manufacturer: Made Design
  • Nagoya lectern Nagoya lectern



    Arriving at the lectern to give a speech, you position yourself and realise this is not just any lectern, it's a unique design, solid and comfortable. Not only enhancing the stage with its upholstered structure and its sinuous shape this beautiful lectern stands out from the crowd and gives confidence to the orator.

    Lectern made from an upholstered rotational polyethylene core. Metal base with 10mm sheet metal. Available fully wired up and including two power sockets, a microphone base and light. Incorporating cup holder and a bar to hold documents. Foot-rest bar in stainless steel. 2m electric cable. Available in white, violet or anthracite. Price includes VAT and delivery.
    Design: Joan Gaspar Manufacturer: Made Design

    Metallic origami Simplicity. A small table that turns out to be ideal for contemporary waiting areas due to its look and the wide range of colours. Made of 3 mm steel plate, adaptable for multiple surroundings. Design by: Toni Pallejà
    Manufacturer: Made Design
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