Patrick Norguet is a French designer who made his breakthrough at the end of the 1990s. With his sense of colour, formal restraint and elegant purity coupled with character and his continual search for comfort, it’s not surprising that he started designing for Artifort in 2002.

In this year he designed the characteristic Apollo armchair followed by various successful pieces. Various museums around the world have included products designed by him in their collections. Norguet is also celebrated for designing high-end offices, the Okko hotels and the McDonald’s restaurant on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. In 2014, GQ Magazine voted him ‘Designer of the Year 2014’.


“Patrick Norguet befittingly illustrates the definition of a designer. He is at the core of a collective and innovative approach to design and stands as one of the protagonists of a project.

Thanks to his keen observation of the context, his analytical approach to the constraints, and respect for customs, he has built solid relationships with manufacturers and numerous clients.” Chantal Hamaide


Designs by Norguet for Artifort:

ApolloKalm | Jima | Moon | Lilla 2.0 | Manhattan | Zuma