With Patio from Cascando, open space becomes hybrid space.

Designed by Robert Bronwasser, Patio is a range of space organising elements, designed to increase the performance and well-being of teams and individuals.

Patio will transform your open space into an intimate work, relax or collaboration space. Equipped with upholstered and acoustic panels, whiteboards or video screens.

It’s available in various configurations to suit your design needs:

Patio Single – Mobile, agile and highly functional. Equipped with upholstered and acoustic panels, whiteboards or video screens, Patio Single offers great productivity. The freestanding single elements are available in various widths.

Patio Double – With Patio Double it becomes easy to store your personal belongings or office stuff. Equipped with upholstered panels or whiteboards, the elements offer great functionality. Having casters with brakes, they can easily be moved around through any space.

Patio Fold – Huddle spaces, focus rooms or scrum areas pop up in a minute and can be stored away in seconds. Patio Fold elements can be folded together. They create space wherever necessary and save space when needed. Agile working has never been this easy.

Patio Connect – Organizing the open space becomes easy with Patio Connect. With the fixed L-shape, Z-shape, U-shape and T-shape elements you can create multiple flexible spaces. On casters with brakes, they can be moved around easily. Because every day is different.

If you think this could work for your next project please get in touch for more info and pricing.