This month I am celebrating my one year anniversary at Crest! I made it!

The year has honestly been fantastic, the Crest family were welcoming from the off and I soon felt right at home.

I have got about a bit in my time here so far, visiting the furniture factories – one in Italy and three in Holland – as well as experiencing the Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend earlier in the summer.

Crest have really helped me to learn the ropes within the furniture industry and as I have been told several times, once you are in this industry your never leave!

The job is a great balance of office based and being out and about which I love! Meeting with clients, working on projects and running around London with a table leg sticking out of my bag!

And as much as Crest have given to me over the past year would say I have seriously upped the sass levels in the office too, so you’re welcome guys.

A massive thank you to the Crest team for being a lovely, crazy bunch to work with, although we probably eat far too many Oreos!