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New – Artifort furniture available on pCon.catalog

Arrange your interior using our planning software. From now on Artifort furniture is available in the pCon.catalog.

pCon planner is a free downloadable desktop solution for quick and easy 3D space planning and photo realistic visualization. Architects and those interested in design and furnishing interior will be able to get the Artifort 3D products and compositions in DWG format on pCon.catalog and download them directly into pCon.planner.

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Certified PEFC supplier

Artifort wishes to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, products and services. Future generations depend on it, and this is very important to us as a family business. Our products are therefore certified by independent institutions.

In the production of its furniture, Artifort uses as many sustainable materials as possible and places high demands on these materials. One of the pillars of this is the maximum use of wood from sustainable forest management. To achieve this, 100% of the timber purchased by Artifort comes from PEFC and FSC certified timber suppliers. That means that sufficient new plantings must be done for each felled tree.

Compliance with all PEFC standards was again accredited by an auditor last November. Artifort is proud of its PEFC quality trade mark, the highest standard for sustainable forest management.

Launching new colours Artifort Selecte

What would Artifort be without its coloured textiles? We have always carefully selected the fabrics we use to upholster our sofas, armchairs and chairs.

Given the success of our own high-quality fabric range Artifort Selecte, we are proud to launch a new colour from January 1, 2021: Artifort Selecte 480. A soft, mixed yarn ocher yellow fabric. In addition, Artifort Selecte 260 (Tweed-grey) has been given a colour update, in order to fit seamlessly with the latest colour trends.

Artifort Selecte is extra attractive because of its favourable stretch category 3 and price class AA, making this fabric applicable to all Artifort models.

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Pinguïn is no longer available in the current Artifort collection

In 1953, Artifort took its first step along the path of innovative design with the Pinguïn, designed by Theo Ruth. To celebrate Artifort’s 125-year anniversary in 2015, this iconic armchair has been returned in a limited edition of only 125 armchairs.

Last month we have manufactured the 125th chair. That means that the Pinguïn is no longer available in the current Artifort collection.

We kindly ask you to remove the data from your website and in your price list.

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