We are excited to announce that Luceplan has introduced a number of new lighting designs to their portfolio. A generation of products that stands out for their innovative materials, focus on sustainability and research on new lighting scenarios.

  • Doi has been created as a suspension lamp system. The typology calls for one or more parts to be suspended from the ceiling by means of a cable, free to move and float in space, until their weight achieves stability to determine their position. The lamp appears to be stable, but is always in a state of tension.
  • Elegance and purity of style characterise this set of suspension lamps named Koinè – both in reference to the Mandalaki design studio (Greek word meaning “clothespin”) and for its meaning of “shared language”, referring to its shape which offers such extreme versatility.
  • Levante is a chandelier of great emotional impact, based on the creative intuition of the designer, together with the research on materials, technology and design conducted by di Luceplan. A new protagonist for living areas in the home, but also for contract applications.
  • The range of Malamata lights (named to recall the designer’s Israeli roots, drawing on the Hebrew meaning of ‘up and down’) is characterised a variety of diffuser positions. The light can be used in different positions thanks to a counterweight in the form of a sphere with a button that enables adjustment.
  • The Zile light range, named for its diffuser shape which resembles a Tibetan bell, features a minimalist design. The range comprises floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights. The special feature of this project lies in its close attention to sustainability: the lampshade is made of a long-lasting bioplastic (PLA).