We are very excited to share details of new products from our lovely friends at Cascando.

Bond offers a generous range of seating solutions that encourages connection: in the workplace, the office environment and with each other. The basis for trust, performance and satisfaction, in a positive atmosphere of progress.

Everything in Bond is about creating a perfect seating position. Friendly, stylish and inviting. Bond brings new harmony into the room and makes receiving, meeting and conferring more fun. Comfortable if you want to deliberate with an active seat or lean back with team members after a great group performance.

The well-known Pully series has been expanded to include seating, tables and work islands that further enhance spontaneity in the workplace, create informal consultation areas and enable flexible use of space. At a distance if necessary, close by if possible.

Pully empowers your entire working environment. Whether you’re sitting on the Pully Bench, trying to meet a deadline at the Pully Meet table or having an informal consultation on the magical Pully Poof, with the playful and friendly Pully interior family you always get the best out of yourself and others.

Get in touch for your copy of the new Cascando pricelist, valid from 1 March 2021. We also have a sample of Bond that we would love to show you.