Our partners at Lammhults have introduced new works for 2022 by designers Anya Sebton, Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, and Gunilla Allard together with Note Design Studio.

This year’s new products have been designed with careful attention paid to space and surroundings:

Anya Sebton’s A22 stool series is made entirely of steel and without any screws or bolts, so its material can be easily recycled and reused at the end of its life.

My aim is to create long-lasting products by combining durable materials with timeless design” Anya Sebton

Atlas Air, a new light-weight office chair by Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen, is devoid of any composite materials and consists entirely of separable parts to facilitate repairs and eventual recycling.

With Atlas Air, we wanted to make a contemporary version of a classic design category,” explains Peter Hiort-Lorenzen. “This is a piece that can be used as an office chair, a conference chair, or a chair for visitors. It fits as well in a work or institutional setting as it does in your home.”

Another new addition this year is an oval side table by Gunilla Allard and Note Design Studio for Sunny, their award-winning easy chair. The table is available in several versions, one being made of recycled plastic.

We wanted to create a piece of furniture that could belong in that environment,” Joel Fagerström, Note Design Studio. “A piece that shows traces of life, that chafes a bit at preconceptions, and commands your attention.

We got the idea [for the Sunny side table] from the shape of puddles and ice patches,” Gunilla Allard. “The chromed version gives the impression of a mirrored sheet of water. There’s also a version of the table made of recycled plastic.

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