Artifort has seen a growing need for warm, soft spaces in residential homes and public spaces alike. Sculptural and flowing forms, which have always been Artifort’s trademark, are a perfect match for these needs. With the new design Muse, Swedish designer Monica Förster seamlessly embraces this vision.

Unique, elegant and comfortable

The soft, flowing curves are inviting and make Muse a perfect focal point for any setting. With exceptional comfort, the sofa invites good conversation and relaxation. The elegant arched back that seems to balance delicately on the sofa’s seat is testament to the ingenuity of Artifort’s development team.

Endless personalisation options  

The Muse collection consists of a 3-seater sofa and a matching ottoman and is available in a wide range of premium fabrics in a wide variety of colours. The metal base is specially cast for Muse and is finished in one of the fifty powder coat colours. That empowers you to create a combination that reflects your personal style.