“Learning, lugging and laughing! Three words to sum up my first three months at Crest.

Learning – a crazy amount of product knowledge! From upholstery to light warmth and everything in between. And there is always more to learn, I am in full sponge mode!

Lugging – spending time out and about in London and other cities, visiting people to chat about the products and drink lots of lovely coffee. It also usually includes a hefty bundle of brochures and perhaps an Attach leg sample, no need for a gym membership now!

Laughing – there is also a great social aspect to the job which I am loving! Visiting factories, attending awards nights, taking clients out for lunch or drinks after work.

I am part of a lovely team here at Crest – thank you to everyone here and in the industry who have made me feel so welcome!

Bring on the next 3 months!”