Lammhults work with timeless designs of the highest quality to ensure the longest product life. In order to reduce the consumption of resources and lessen the environmental impact they develop and produce products from materials that can be recycled as materials or energy. They strive to prevent pollution in all of their company processes and work to successfully reduce the environmental and climate footprint of their production facilities.

One step to assure this is to certify selected volume products according to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the toughest eco-labelling system in the industry. Lammhult’s strategy of certifying primarily their volume products means that they reach the greatest positive effect.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an official label and a standard specifying absolute requirements. With products labeled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, consumers and professional buyers have a better option to choose products and services based on how environmentally friendly they are.

Nordic Swan Ecolabeled furnitures and fitments have the lowest environmentally impact in their category. The requirements are based on a lifecycle assessment of the product and requirements are imposed to production, use and waste. The requirements promote the use of certified wood raw materials as well as recycled plastics and metals. Furthermore the use of fewer substances that are harmful to health and environment and a high degree of durability and recyclability are taken into consideration.

Lammhults’ work towards reducing the environmental impact involves the requirements The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has put together for furniture companies.

Have a browse through this Lammhults brochure for more information or take a look at the Nordic Swan website