On a recent trip to Amsterdam with our colleagues at Haworth, we were taken to Circl, a building of particular interest to architects and designers in relation to the circular economy.

Sponsored by ABN AMRO, as much of the building as possible is salvaged from their other existing buildings, including the careful removal of external window frames to use for the internal partitions.

The building comprises of recycled materials throughout, including cement timber flooring, window frames, furniture and clothing. All old furniture has been refurbished and used in meeting rooms and public areas, including artworks; sound insulation was created with old jeans; a roof garden was created, solar panels installed and the restaurant uses organic, locally sourced food.

We were also greeted by a profoundly deaf barista serving coffee from a machine equipped with a screen instructing the public on how to order their desired drink using sign language.

This was a really interesting trip, highlighting the progress in The Netherlands in continuously improving their sustainability and recycling.