As we find out that we’re going back into lockdown in England from Thursday we thought it might be fun to look back on how we coped originally! This is Harriet’s lockdown lowdown!

Back in March when I suddenly didn’t have to do a 2 hours commute each way, I was so pleased to only have a 13 second commute from my bed to my desk, but having recently been into the showroom, dare I say, it was liberating to make the commute.

Normally I walk to the station (which yes, I accept as my daily exercise), read a book, check my emails and plan my day on the train/tubes. I get a coffee the other end whilst walking up to the showroom, so by the time I eventually sat down, I’m focused, awake and I had a plan of action.

Whilst I’m in no immediate hurry to commute 5 days a week, being in Clerkenwell and having the impromptu offer to pop to the pub after work, or meet a friend for dinner in town has a certain buzz around it. Impulsive catch ups certainly need a lot more planning when working from home.

Being totally honest – I love Teams/Zoom calls. There, I’ve said it & I hope they continue! I’ve found designers are very willing to share their screens so you can get a better overview as to what they have in mind and are trying to achieve, plus everything I need is at my finger tips too! For instance, I was discussing a project with a designer recently who said they were looking to achieve a design, I shared my screen & within seconds could share an image of an example of something we could make. I also think it helps build rapport with contacts when you’re having a virtual conversation – you can see a glimpse into their home, and on occasion meet their family members. I’ve even had cats and dogs make an appearance!

Having meetings with our suppliers via Teams/Zoom is definitely something I want to continue in the long run as well. With all of our suppliers being based in Europe, it’s great to have the opportunity of sharing screens and discussing projects in more detail.  I’ll definitely think twice before I travel in the future.

I think I’ve done the same as the majority of the UK population and taken to going on a few lovely walks. Being in Kent, I took for granted how beautiful England is and on a daily walk can see horses, chickens and donkeys! I’ve also attempted making the obligatory banana bread, which went a bit wrong when I got a bit too cocky and tried making it without a recipe – see photo evidence!