“Recently I was lucky enough to participate in my second Swedish Midsummer Design Weekend, an annual trip where 16 manufacturers host 20 designers from the UK, 20 from France, Holland and Germany for three days festivities in Stockholm!

From a boat trip to exploring the old town with an ice cream, its difficult to choose my best moment, but one of my personal highlights was a presentation by the art director of The Ice Hotel. Seeing what is produced with ice is just incredible. It was also fantastic to follow up on the presentation with a visit to The Icebar, Stockholm!

I spent the day on Friday with my Lammhults colleagues, in envy of such a gorgeous showroom and had plenty of time to daydream about having a similar showroom in London.

Troels (the designer of the Attach table) was on hand through out the day to give a 15 minute presentation on his award-winning design for Lammhults.

From the minute I got to Heathrow to the moment I landed back on UK soil was thoroughly enjoyable with a fantastic group of industry colleagues.

Bring on 2018!”

Harriet – Sales Manager