“Stockholm is a beautiful city, and even in sub zero temperatures makes for an enjoyable trip.

I was delighted to join my colleagues at Lammhults and Luceplan on both of their stands during my visit to this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Lammhults had a very on-trend stand, designed by Anya Sebton which flirted with the 60’s and was playful with colour. Lammhults introduced a few new products with my highlights being the Carousel chair – a fully upholstered shell chair equipped with a 360 degree comfort tilt – and the S 18 table range, playing homage to Lammhults successful S70 series, using oversized steel tubing dimensions in several table top shapes, materials and different heights. As well as showcasing the new designs Lammhults still displayed the ever-popular Attach table.

Of course, being Scandinavian there was a lot of focus at this year’s exhibition on the environmental/sustainability policies – another strength of Lammhults.

At the exhibition this year, the theme seemed to be earthy colours which reminded me of the Le Corbusier Polychromie Architecturale – see colours here. Did you spot the trend?

Luceplan also introduced something new – the Lita light, which is an extremely versatile family of decorative lamps. The result of a delicate design process that mixes imagery, signs and geometric textures and natural materials. A simple yet elegant stand, with a few firm favourites including the Stochastic light (a popular one for Instagram!).

Aside from the exhibition, I joined my Lammhults colleagues for an enjoyable evening of pizza and wine on the Wednesday as well as a private tour of the new Stockholm Design Museum & of course I never need an excuse to stay at the breathtaking Berns hotel!”

Until next February!