“I had never been to Architects@Work before, but after numerous people speaking very highly of it I was excited to exhibit with Carpet Sign.

Architects@Work 2017 was the first time we have ever exhibited Carpet Sign in the UK, and we were pleased with the reaction.

We showed our most popular Cameleon rug in a loop pile, cut pile and also in a new 3D design – all in complementary purple to match the Crest logo! – And had so many people surprised to learn we really can create any shape, any size and any colour!

We also used the opportunity to gently introduce our new rugs designed by Karim Rashid, launched at IMM earlier this month. The collaboration with Karim Rashid is a great talking point, and his designs definitely get people talking!

I must say, that having all stands the same shape and size really does set a fair playing field and its great to see strong brands including Artemide across from a start-up company I had never heard of!

I guess the only downside to having a rug/flooring stand was that we didn’t have any furniture on the stand, so spending over 7 hours on your feet all day really did mean I am glad to be sat at my desk today!

Quality over quantity? Absolutely, maybe there would have been higher footfall if it was slightly closer to Clerkenwell, but it was lovely to meet some new designers and interact with property developers and other exhibitors all the same.

A special thank you to Jos and Wim (my colleagues from Holland) who had me laughing constantly. We definitely did make the most of the complimentary food & drink!! (I think I ate my body weight in those delicious coconut cakes!)”

Harriet Knight, Sales Manager