Our colleagues at Haworth have posted some great insights into the benefits of the right lighting for employees. While often taken for granted, lighting plays an important role in how we feel each day. Employers who harness the power of light in the workplace positively impact employee well-being. Here are 3 ways lighting affects wellbeing…
  1. Personal Control of Lighting Enhances Work Performance
    Research shows that workers with the ability to control the lighting of their workspaces are better able to dedicate the effort necessary to efficiently handle difficult tasks. Plus, their work is often more accurate because they can focus on the task at hand, rather than losing focus in the moment due to eye strain from a lack of proper lighting, for example.
  2. Access to Natural Light Changes How People Feel
    Access to natural light in indoor and outdoor spaces has a significant impact on people physically and emotionally. Much has been written about natural light’s benefits to physical health—like its proven ability to provide energy, vitamin D production, and contribute to a regular sleep schedule.
  3. Lighting Can Control Acoustics and Enhance Focus
    Distractions from chatter and buzz frequently interfere with employees’ ability to concentrate. Part of the equation for happy, healthy, and productive workspaces involves using acoustic light fixtures to absorb, block, cover, and diffuse sound.