It’s hard to believe, but the wonderful Natalie has been with us at Crest HQ for a year this month! We asked her to sum up the last 12 months…

“Well, in the blink of an eye a year has passed and it marks the first anniversary of my time here at Crest.

It seems not so long ago, I was a newbie to the furniture industry, and now a year later, here I am, able to tell my Archals from my Grades!

I have enjoyed learning so much about the industry, but more importantly I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone.

Talking to clients, either on the phone or via email on a daily basis, makes my days busy but enjoyable. I am always here to answer questions, arrange samples and keep you all up to date with the latest catalogues and pricelists.

I just wanted to take a minute to look back and also thank you all for your support over the last 12 months.

I look forward to continuing to bring great customer service and to assist our wonderful customers in any way I can.

Here’s to the next year (and many more to follow!)”

Sales Support and Customer Service

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