We are pleased to announce that CSrugs have added collections Byzance, Pixelated and Surfaces 3D to their fabulous configurator.


It is wonderful to ‘play’ with the 4 different designs of Byzance. When you give colour to Alhambra, Zig Zag, Bubbles or Tartan, their very own character shows up beautifully, both in 16 and 45 mm pile height.


Studio Makkink & Bey’s trendy loop pile collection ‘Pixelated’ can be customized to any colour combination you like. The six pixelated designs are very diverse and all tell their own story.

Surfaces 3D

How special is this collection, 3D printing with yarns! It sometimes almost seems like an optical illusion, but the relief is really there!

In the new configurator you can now choose your own colours, an option that was not available before! The pattern likewise ‘pops up’ from its base, and its height creates beautiful shadow effects.

Take a look, have a go and let us know what you think – CSrugs configurator