The basic design idea behind the ST8 from Hussl is the complete rethinking of the archetypal timber chair from the inside out.

The designers, EOOS, started at the heart of the chair and redefined the classic frame construction that supports and determines everything. New heart – new chair, that was the idea.

“The ST8 is substantial, comfortable, light. The chair is easy to pick up and move. Up to six chairs can be stacked on top of each other without this stackability becoming the dominant visual feature.” Martin Bergmann (EOOS)

All the moulded elements of the chair – the backrest, seat, and frame – are formed in a press from several layers of thin cellulose sheet and two outer layers of veneer, before being worked in situ by a five-axis milling machine. This internal production process puts an end to both long, external delivery journeys and the basic notion of dependency.