Alan has been with Crest for over 10 years. Here he talks us through a typical busy day…

“Today, with paperwork in hand, I left home to drive straight to my first job in Kent – I arrived at a warehouse facility just a little before 9am and was shortly provided with two chairs and one barstool which had been out on a project with one of our dealer partners since last year! Some of our samples can be out for as little as 24 hours, whilst others can be on loan for months!

Next it was to Crest HQ in Woolwich to deliver the chairs and barstool, and to load up for my day ahead. Crest give me all delivery/collection notes, but before I hit the road I have to schedule the order I do my stops – sometimes the traffic completely ruins my day so I have to prioritise my list as well as ensure I don’t go back and forth.

When I’m confident I know where I’m going and the satnav is good to go I set off (at 10.15am) and drive to my next stop – St Albans. I loaded up with an Artifort sofa, two Hussl chairs, and two Artifort Mood chairs (which had also been out as samples) and got back on the road.

Next stop – a Town Hall for collection of a barstool! With that in the back of the van it was time for a delivery – I had to head into Central London to deliver some tables into one of the top ten architects in the world (where I found about 15 designers eating pizza in reception!).

It never phases me when I make deliveries – I’ve had a real mix during my time at Crest, ranging from installing Little Tulip barstools into Sky Sports (and having to be silent because they were live on air!) to an extremely reputable London architect who made me take my shoes off in her apartment, to world-class football players houses and not to mention lavish hotels, fine restaurants and even some of London’s most iconic shops!

Then it was on to Clerkenwell; one literature pack delivered (Harriet said it was ‘too heavy’ for her to take on the tube!) and one more pit stop to collect a Lammhults samples box, and I was headed back towards the office.

When I got back to Crest HQ I finally sat down for a coffee (milk, 2 sugars!) and went through the agenda for next week – I never know what’s in store; occasionally I have to travel to Holland, France or even Germany on a trip.

Lastly, we unloaded the van and I left just before the traffic kicked in! Just a typical day really!”

Thanks Alan – great to hear from such an important member of the team.