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Eleven ways to use acoustic products to create spaces that support wellbeing, engagement and productivity

  1. Unify a large space
  2. Use ceiling fins in concert with other elements
  3. Provide targeted control
  4. Master a space with dividers
  5. Set the room in motion
  6. Think outside of the (colour) box
  7. Integrate surprising and unique design elements
  8. Design a streamlined space
  9. Use one product to create continuity
  10. Incorporate high contrast
  11. Cover multiple surfaces

Arktura has a wide range of acoustic solutions so that you can design a space that supports wellbeing, engagement and productivity. Health and wellness have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind in recent years, even before the pandemic hurled it even further into the spotlight. Creating spaces that make people comfortable by mitigating distractions from noise will help further the overall functionality of the space.

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