Boss from Lammhults stands out and catches the eye, creating an inviting and fresh contribution to its surroundings. The choice of the name ‘Boss’ – which means ‘rubbish’ in Norwegian – fulfills Tuva Rivedal Tjugen’s vision for the product. This bin encourages you to dispose of your rubbish properly by demanding your attention, ‘like a boss’.

The waste paper bin comes in two sizes, the larger one is well suited for public environments and offices and the smaller one, Mini Boss, is an excellent choice for the personal workplace or home office. Boss and Mini Boss are made of thin steel sheet, powder coated in a number of colours, and have a matching lid. Alternatively choose a lid in polished brass for a more exclusive touch. The removable lid covers the waste bag in a simple and neat way, and the large bin contains a removable bucket that collects any liquid.

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