Love the World with Artifort

Artifort is proud to produce sustainable design and give furniture a second life...

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Lammhults – creating a sustainable future

Lammhults strive to prevent pollution in all of their company processes and work to successfully reduce the environmental and climate footprint of their production facilities

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Sit well, work well, feel well with Fern!

The Fern task chair is the world’s first chair designed with edgeless comfort...

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Haworth, Amsterdam and the environment

On a recent trip to Amsterdam with our colleagues at Haworth, we were taken to Circl, a building of particular interest to architects and designers in relation to the circular economy...

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Lammhults & the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Lammhults' work towards reducing the environmental impact involves the requirements The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has put together for furniture companies.

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Wellbeing in the workplace

Feeling happy is a part of mental wellbeing. But it’s far from the whole

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