Special design from Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is one of the most successful industrial designers of the past few decades

Special design from Jasper Morrison2023-03-23T10:20:41+00:00

Design by Robert Bronwasser

Robert Bronwasser brings passion, creativity, common sense and 25 years of experience together in functional design

Design by Robert Bronwasser2023-03-06T14:33:12+00:00

Mezza – the new informal seating solution

Mezza from Cascando is a completely new sofa system by Peter van de Water

Mezza – the new informal seating solution2023-02-10T10:57:41+00:00

Throwing light on Daniel Rybakken

The work of Daniel Rybakken occupies the area between art and design, forming limited editions, art installations and prototypes for serial production

Throwing light on Daniel Rybakken2023-02-09T11:52:37+00:00

Pierre Paulin’s iconic designs

Pierre Paulin was a French furniture designer and interior designer

Pierre Paulin’s iconic designs2023-01-27T11:00:16+00:00

Patrick Norguet for Artifort

Patrick Norguet is a French designer who made his breakthrough at the end of the 1990s

Patrick Norguet for Artifort2023-01-03T15:08:51+00:00

Refresh your interior design scheme the sustainable way

At Artifort they are proud to produce sustainable design and give furniture a second life by reupholstering

Refresh your interior design scheme the sustainable way2022-12-22T12:39:46+00:00

Keeping ‘Track’ with Artifort

Track from Artifort is a modular sofa concept with an iconic and sculptural approach

Keeping ‘Track’ with Artifort2022-11-29T12:57:50+00:00

A look back at ORGATEC 2022

David and Harriet spent an enjoyable couple of days at ORGATEC this year

A look back at ORGATEC 20222022-11-15T12:49:33+00:00

Open space made personal

With Patio from Cascando, open space becomes hybrid space

Open space made personal2022-10-21T13:40:40+00:00

Join the Lammhults express!

If you've got a last minute project to complete (or if you're just a bit impatient!) Lammhults may be able to help

Join the Lammhults express!2023-01-31T13:13:38+00:00

ORGATEC is back for 2022

A number of our partners are exhibiting at ORGATEC this year, and we can't wait!

ORGATEC is back for 20222022-10-12T12:12:27+00:00

Arktura and Actiu in London

We had a great evening last week celebrating the relaunch of the Actiu showroom in Clerkenwell, featuring Arktura

Arktura and Actiu in London2022-10-04T11:50:47+00:00

The ultimate in flexible working!

In a modern, open-plan workspace, privacy and noise can be a problem. Award-winning privacy solutions and acoustic panels from Cascando can help

The ultimate in flexible working!2022-09-26T11:52:23+00:00

Lammhults in Workbench

Archal and Atlas Air chairs from Lammhults are currently available to view at the Workbench showroom

Lammhults in Workbench2023-01-31T13:13:39+00:00

An eco-friendly light

Designed by Archirivolto, Zile is an eco-friendly light

An eco-friendly light2022-08-19T10:55:11+00:00

Inspiration from CSrugs

Our partners at CSrugs have featured some of their favourite projects on their new website

Inspiration from CSrugs2022-07-22T10:31:08+00:00

Calling all Artifort fans!

We are proud to be the sole representatives of Artifort in the UK, and excited to share the following brochure, highlighting the Artifort ethos and their extensive furniture range

Calling all Artifort fans!2022-06-29T11:37:24+00:00

Go configure with CSrugs!

We are pleased to announce that CSrugs have added collections Byzance, Pixelated and Surfaces 3D to their fabulous configurator

Go configure with CSrugs!2022-06-17T11:14:45+00:00

Take a good look…

Lose yourself in the stunning photography in this book by Arktura

Take a good look…2022-06-14T10:52:21+00:00

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