Frame is aversatile architectural wall-system, designed by Robert Bronwasser to provide extra visual and acoustic privacy for hybrid workspaces, while improving spatial functionality. You can easily adapt any space into a Zoom room or foster face to face interactions in minutes.

“Frame is a people-centred design solution which responds to the five needs of the hybrid working world of tomorrow: flexibility, bonding, comfort, safety and productivity.” Robert Bronwasser

You can incorporate whiteboards, acoustic panels, bulletin boards, LCD screen holders, coat hooks, clothes hangers, brochure holders and plant holders into your Frame, to create the perfect space for your requirements.

The patented aluminium form of Frame has a sleek look and adds a high-quality, architectural signature to a space. Due to its soft rounded details, Frame has a friendly and intimate appearance. Casters invite users to enjoy the agile product in many different settings.