Elliot visited another supplier factory recently, Bisley’s in Newport, Wales. Here’s what he had to say:

Another week, another factory visit, this time to Bisley in Wales! The first afternoon was a tour of the new wood factory, in which Bisley are now manufacturing a range of student accommodation furniture. The introduction to the range was interesting given it is a new market for the supplier. It is also a market that Crest have dealings with and routes to market, so the products were relatable to me and future projects.

Good company and good food followed into the evening at the hotel.

The following day was a tour of the Bisley metal factory – something completely different to anything I had seen before. The number of ways metal can be transformed from a raw material into a final product is amazing. The metal tour was my favourite part of the trip, the amount of investment that has been made over the years ultimately being able to produce great, British product. The whole trip was a testament to how Bisley work and their values are shown throughout.

Thank you, Bisley.