Pod Lens by Ross Lovegrove is an outdoor lamp from Luceplan that takes its cue from buds on branches, natural light, outdoor living, the contrast between brightness and shadow. Essential and discreet, it is designed to be suspended amidst trees, inserted in a stem or planted in the ground.

With its colourful diffuser, Pod Lens provides variable, directional, intimate and intense lighting. The colours of the body, in natural tones, have been selected to coexist with elegance and balance in space, and to permit free colour combinations between the cable, the supports and the head of the lamp.

Pod Lens is the perfect light for the home garden, a terrace, spaces around a swimming pool… or where vegetables are grown. High, low, planted in the ground or resting on it, suspended individually or in clusters and rows, it can also be hung from tree branches.

Find out more here or get in touch for more information about how this beautiful light can truly enhance your outdoor space. You can also buy online here.