Life is a Carousel!

The Carousel conference chair provides maximum comfort in a reduced format

Life is a Carousel!2018-05-10T09:29:24+00:00

Wellbeing in the workplace

Feeling happy is a part of mental wellbeing. But it’s far from the whole

Wellbeing in the workplace2018-05-10T09:32:38+00:00

Our trip to Amsterdam…

When Cascando invited us to view their new showroom/factory we jumped at the opportunity

Our trip to Amsterdam…2018-02-22T12:14:32+00:00

Harriet in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city, and even in sub zero temperatures makes for an enjoyable trip.

Harriet in Stockholm2018-05-02T12:38:38+00:00

Happy anniversary Natalie!

It's hard to believe, but the wonderful Natalie has been with us at Crest HQ for a year this month!

Happy anniversary Natalie!2018-05-10T09:35:30+00:00


Koln in January is cold, wet and windy, but it's well worth a visit, especially because of the wealth of interesting furniture and lighting on display at IMM this year...

DK @ IMM2018-05-02T12:38:52+00:00
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